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We're located in the heart of Cajun Country - and dedicated to catering more than meals.  
As we cater events around the country, we also share our Cajun culture and heritage.

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DUANE 337-945-1411 or TRAVIS 337-831-8828
2177 Cemetery Road Ville Platte , LA 337.543.6147 800.737.3434
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    "Crawfish Country Catering has provided a great experience, with consistent quality." — Charlie Balke
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    “Crawfish Country Catering offers a great product, reasonable market price, knowledgeable back office staff and cooking team, timely delivery and an impressively organized serving line.” — Judy Brisco, Home Bank
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    "We found Crawfish Country Catering on the Internet 11 years ago and Duane Smith has been “our crawfish man” ever since." — Cary Carr, owner, Mud Creek Offroad Park, Jacksonville, Texas
  • About Us

    Crawfish Country Catering offers a memorable experience, an authentic crawfish boil for your corporate event. We are the largest producer and caterer of quality, authentic Louisiana crawfish in the South.

    Our crawfish are caught daily. With our own blend of seasonings and quiet-burning, insulated pots, we’re ready to boil.

    Crawfish boils, a family tradition in Southwest Louisiana, are growing in popularity across the South. For owners Duane Smith and his son Travis, crawfish farming is a family tradition, too.

    Crawfish farming made its debut in the 1960s, with cultivation in man-made ponds and management practices such as controlled water levels. Technology has also influenced the industry, including the development of hydraulic-powered boats that enable farmers to move efficiently through the shallow ponds, simultaneously harvesting and grading the crop.

    Duane began farming while still in high school. “I didn’t play football. Instead, I fished before and after school.

    “You come to love it and live it,” he says.

    Over the last 25 years, his original 30-acre pond has grown into a 1,000-acre operation, Duane’s Crawfish Farms, which owns and operates Crawfish Country Catering.

    Crawfish Country Catering:

    • caters throughout the Southern states
    • uses quiet-burning boiling equipment, suitable for indoor events
    • can supply volume from 1,000 to 50,000 pounds
    • distributes live crawfish to more than 50 restaurants
    • ships live crawfish daily to markets in seven Southern states
    • sells more than two million pounds annually


    2177 Cemetery Road Ville Platte , LA 337.543.6147 800.737.3434
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    "They manage everything from start to finish with unbelievable teamwork." — Judy Briscoe, Home Bank, Lafayette, Louisiana
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    "They’ve introduced me to food I’d never had before: crawfish pies and pistolettes. Now, when we have a crawfish boil, he has to bring us crawfish pies, too!" — Charlie Balke
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    "We would not use anyone else. Duane has always taken good care of us. He and his staff have been professional in every way." — Cary Carr, owner, Mud Creek Offroad Park, Jacksonville, Texas
  • Farm to Table

    Terms like “sustainability” and “farm-to-table” have become catchphrases for movements that support family farms that produce delicious, locally grown food. For us, farm-to-table isn’t new at all. When it comes to crawfishing, it has been a way of life for generations here in Southwest Louisiana.

    Our farming is sustainable. In our fields, we grow rice one year, then flood the field to raise crawfish the following year. It’s a sustainable because the crawfish forage on stubble and rice left in the field after harvest.

    And our farm-to-table approach is like none other. We maintain a fleet of boats, refrigerated trucks, and trailers equipped to boil. We harvest select crawfish daily, directly from our ponds. Then, we deliver and prepare them on site. The only way they could be any fresher is if you caught them yourself!

    While it’s true that we stretch the boundaries of “local” — by delivering and preparing crawfish as far as Texas and Georgia — we never sacrifice our “farm-to-table” principles, bringing the highest quality crawfish and authentic Cajun culture wherever we go.

    2177 Cemetery Road Ville Platte , LA 337.543.6147 800.737.3434
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    We have hired Crawfish Country Catering for several company Family Fun Days. Crawfish were always HUGE and very tasty. Our employees are now spoiled and each year ask, “When is the next crawfish boil?” — Judy Briscoe, Home Bank, Lafayette, Louisiana
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    "Over the last 10 to 15 years, I’ve recommended Crawfish Country Catering for two nonprofit organizations." — Charlie Balke
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    "Over the years, we’ve increased the size of our annual boil from 500 to 7,000 pounds." — Cary Carr, owner, Mud Creek Offroad Park, Jacksonville, Texas
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